10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin: Ghosts of the Heartland!

Welcome to the mysterious world of ghost towns in Wisconsin. Imagine stepping back in time to discover abandoned towns hidden in the state’s landscapes, where echoes of the past whisper tales of bygone days. These ghost towns, once bustling with life, now stand silent, offering glimpses into history. As we explore these forgotten places, we’ll unravel the stories of their rise and fall, uncovering the reasons behind their abandonment. Join us on a journey through Wisconsin’s ghost towns, where the past meets the present, and history comes alive in the remnants of deserted streets and crumbling buildings.

10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin

Wisconsin harbors a rich history of ghost towns, each with its own tales of past glory and eventual demise. Sinipee, Dehli, Helena, Pendarvis, Gratiot’s Grove, Belmont, Ulao, Voree, and Cooksville stand as eerie reminders of bygone eras, offering glimpses into Wisconsin’s forgotten past.

#1. Sinipee

10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin
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Sinipee, also known as Sinnipee, used to be a busy spot in Grant County, Wisconsin, USA. It sat by the Mississippi River at Sinnipee Creek’s mouth and was important for lead trading. People started living there before 1832, with Payton Vaughan from North Carolina settling down first. In 1835, the Sinnipee Company officially founded the community.

#2. Dehli

10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin
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Dehli, or Delhi, was once a lively place in Winnebago County, Wisconsin, USA, in the town of Rushford. It sat between Omro and Eureka, where the Fox River and Waukau Creek meet. Also known as La Borde’s Landing, it was called Island Park in the 1890 census. Dehli had a post office from 1850 to 1893.

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#3. Helena

10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin

Helena, found in Iowa County, Wisconsin, USA, was a big village back in the 19th century. It played a big part in making and shipping lead shots. Even though it was deserted during the Black Hawk War of 1832, its buildings were still important.

#4. Dover

10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin
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Dover had many names over time. The first folks there were from the British Temperance and Emigration Society. The town died out when the railroad picked Mazomanie over Dover.

#5. Pendarvis

10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin
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Pendarvis, in Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin, USA, is a special place listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It has old cabins built by Cornish immigrants who came to work in the lead and zinc mines. Now, it’s a museum managed by the Wisconsin Historical Society, showing Wisconsin’s lead mining history.

#6. Gratiot’s Grove

10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin
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Gratiot’s Grove was once a happening place for lead mining and smelting. But when the lead ran out, so did the town. Henry Gratiot’s home still stands, but now it’s part of Shullsburg, with not much left of the once-thriving town.

#7. Belmont

10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin
Image Credits: en.wikipedia.org

In 1836, people in the Wisconsin Territory needed a spot for government meetings. Belmont was chosen, but it only lasted less than two months. The buildings, managed by the State Historical Society, still stand, but the town isn’t as important as it once was.

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#8. Ulao

10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin
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Ulao used to be a big port in Ozaukee County, north of Milwaukee. It was a big spot for shipping and logging in the mid-1800s. It’s also known for Charles Guiteau, who assassinated President Garfield. Not much is left of Ulao now.

#9. Voree

10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin
Image Credits: en.wikipedia.org

James Jesse Strang, a Mormon, picked Voree for a Mormon settlement in 1844. It’s west of Burlington in southern Wisconsin. The Strangite Mormons moved on because the land was expensive, but some of their buildings were still there.

#10. Cooksville

10 Ghost Towns in Wisconsin
Image Credits: en.wikipedia.org

Cooksville was once a thriving place with its mill. The general store has been around for most of the past 170 years. But when the railroad skipped Cooksville, people and businesses left, and the town slowly disappeared.


Explore Wisconsin’s ghost towns, where time stands still, and whispers of the past linger. From Sinipee’s lead trading days to Dehli’s bustling waterfront, each town holds its tale. Visit Pendarvis, a historic gem, or the remnants of Ulao’s port. These forgotten places offer a glimpse into Wisconsin’s rich history.

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