Top 9 Best Haunted Houses in Ohio – Your Guide to Spooky Thrills!

Haunted Houses in Ohio: Do you enjoy being brave and getting scared at haunted places? Ohio has many spooky attractions for different scare levels, whether you want a family-friendly time or something that will give you nightmares.

There are haunted hayrides with sudden scares and tours of real haunted houses that will send shivers down your spine. Keep reading to discover which attractions are the scariest in Ohio this season.

Best Haunted Houses in Ohio

Haunted Houses in Ohio

Ohio has over 130 haunted houses, all set to give thrill-seekers a good scare. If you’re into scream parks or massive prisons, you have plenty of options. Let’s check out the top 9 best-haunted houses in Ohio:

#1. Brimstone Haunt

Haunted Houses in Ohio - Brimstone Haunt

Get ready for six spine-chilling experiences at Brimstone Haunt, each rated from one to five skulls based on intensity. The scariest is Psychosis, earning a perfect five out of five skulls. Brace yourself for “disturbing scenes of horror.” Next up is Forgotten Forest, with a rating of four out of five skulls.

Walk through the woods, but beware – you might not be the same after escaping. Zombie Assault comes in third with a three out of five skulls rating, immersing you in a global apocalypse with a spreading disease. The Haunted Hayride ranked two out of five skulls, takes visitors through fields with reported horrors.

The last two attractions, Dead Shot Paintball and Cranium Crusher, both earn a one out of five skulls rating. In Dead Shot Paintball, aim at zombies, while in Cranium Crusher, use hammers to crush zombie brains.

  • Location: 525 Brimstone Rd. Wilmington, Ohio
  • Attractions:
    • Psychosis: Disturbing horror scenes await guests in this intense experience.
    • Forgotten Forest: A walk through the woods that may leave visitors forever changed.
    • Zombie Assault: An apocalyptic scenario with a global disease outbreak.
    • Haunted Hayride: A ride through fields where numerous horrors have been reported.
    • Dead Shot Paintball: Guests aim zombies.
    • Cranium Crusher: Using hammers to crush brains back into zombies.
  • Ticket Prices (Online):
    • Haunted Hayride: $20
    • Forgotten Forest: $18
    • Psychosis!: $11
    • Dead Shot Paintball: $11
    • Zombie Assault: $7
    • Cranium Crusher: $5
    • Combo Ticket (Hayride, Forest, Psychosis): $32
    • Fast Pass Combo: $52
  • Days of Operation: Opens on September 15, running every Friday and Saturday throughout September and October.

#2. Carnival of Horrors

Haunted Houses in Ohio - Carnival of Horrors

For those afraid of clowns, steer clear of the Carnival of Horrors. It’s not just one haunted house but four: the Fun House, the Trail of Terror, the Insane Asylum, and the Freakshow in 3-D Terrorvision. Organizers warn that this one is horrifying.

  • Location: Stark County Fairgrounds, 305 Wertz Avenue NW, Canton
  • Attractions:
    • Fun House
    • Trail of Terror
    • Insane Asylum
    • Freakshow in 3-D Terrorvision
  • Days of Operation: Fridays (7:30 pm – 11:30 pm), Saturdays (7:30 pm – midnight), Sundays (7:30 pm – 9:30 pm) from September 29 to October 29.
  • Ticket Prices (Online):
    • General Admission: $25
    • Speed Pass: $30
  • Note: Organizers warn that this haunt is terrifying.

#3. The Dent School House

Haunted Houses in Ohio - Dent School House

The Dent School House isn’t your typical school. Its local legend, featured in USA Today and the Travel Channel, tells a story of closure due to missing children between 1942 and 1955. Though lacking records, lore claims angry parents found the children dead in the basement, blaming the janitor. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported the school’s closure in 1949 with students moved elsewhere.

  • Location: 5963 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Background: Once Dent Public School, this haunted house is based on local legend. Lore suggests the school closed after children went missing between 1942 and 1955. While no records support this, it adds to the eerie atmosphere.
  • Days of Operation: Opens on September 15, operating on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Ghost tours are available on Wednesdays. Open on Monday, October 30, and Tuesday, October 31.
  • Tickets: Various ticket options are available for each attraction and show. Check the website for details and availability.

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#4. Haunted Schoolhouse and Haunted Laboratory

Haunted Houses in Ohio - Haunted Schoolhouse and Haunted Laboratory

The Haunted Schoolhouse, scaring Summit County for over four decades, promises updated scenes this year. The Haunted Laboratory challenges you to escape a vile virus. Arrive early for domestic beers from 6:30 to 7 p.m.; note that the Parent Zone doesn’t require admission. Children under 15 need a chaperone.

  • Location: 1300 Triplett Boulevard, Akron
  • Days of Operation: Fridays and Saturdays (7 p.m. to midnight), Sundays, and Halloween (7 p.m. to 10 p.m.). The last day is November 4.
  • Tickets (Online Prices):
    • Fridays and Saturdays: $30-$35
    • Sundays and Halloween: $25
    • Fast Pass: Additional $12
  • Specials:
    • Domestic beers are available from 6:30 to 7 p.m.
    • No admission is required for the Parent Zone.
    • Kids 15 and under need a chaperone on the premises.

#5. The Ohio State Reformatory

Haunted Houses in Ohio - The Ohio State Reformatory

Operational from 1896 to 1990, the Ohio State Reformatory closed due to overcrowding and inhumane conditions following a prisoners’ lawsuit. Witnessing hundreds of deaths and a deadly riot, it was a backdrop for films like Shawshank Redemption. Now a haunted house, it features zombies, witches, and a screaming queen during events.

  • Location: 100 Reformatory Rd., Mansfield, Ohio
  • Background: Operating from 1896 to 1990, the reformatory witnessed numerous deaths and a riot. Known for Hollywood appearances, including Shawshank Redemption.
  • Days of Operation: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from Sept. 29 to Oct. 29.
  • Tickets:
    • General Admission: $35
    • Ultra Lightning Pass: $75

#6. The Haunted Yard in Parma

Haunted Houses in Ohio - The Haunted Yard in Parma

In Parma, the Haunted Yard delivers genuine scares across multiple yards. Brothers Joel and Eric Andexler crafted this outdoor haunted house, which opened for horror fans in late October.

  • Location: 5900 Rousseau Drive, Parma
  • Days of Operation: Oct. 20-22 and Oct. 26-29 (7:30 p.m.-10 p.m.)
  • Tickets: $10, with proceeds benefiting the Parma Animal Shelter.

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#7. Carnage Haunted House

Haunted Houses in Ohio - Carnage Haunted House

Immerse yourself in monsters brought to life through lighting and special effects at Carnage Haunted House. It offers two haunted houses – The Bayou, with an ancient voodoo priestess in a swamp of cursed creatures, and The Entity, an abandoned hospital filled with carnage.

  • Location: 3770 Refugee Rd., Columbus, Ohio
  • Attractions:
    • The Bayou: Features an ancient voodoo priestess in a swamp of cursed creatures.
    • The Entity: An abandoned hospital wrecked with carnage.
  • Tickets:
    • General Admission: $25
    • Fast Pass: $35
    • Immediate Access Admission: $65
  • Days of Operation: Fridays and Saturdays (starting Sept. 15), Thursday, Oct. 26, and Sunday, Oct. 29.

#8. Fear Columbus Haunted House

Haunted Houses in Ohio - Fear Columbus Haunted House

Formerly the 13th Floor Columbus, this attraction offers multiple experiences. The main attractions are The Summoning Animal Instinct and Aftermath: The Final Stand.

  • Location: 2605 Northland Plaza Dr., Columbus, Ohio
  • Attractions:
    • The Summoning Animal Instinct
    • Aftermath: The Final Stand
  • Tickets:
    • General Admission Presale: $19
    • Fast Pass Presale: $29.99
    • Immediate Access Presale: $39.99
    • Ticket prices are subject to change.
  • Days of Operation: Opens on Sept. 15, every Friday and Saturday night until Nov. 4. Additional days on Oct. 12, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 30, and 31.

#9. Lake Eerie Fearfest

Haunted Houses in Ohio - Lake Eerie Fearfest

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center has been working for months to bring you Lake Eerie Fearfest, one of Ohio’s top haunted houses, as featured on the Travel Channel.

  • Location: 3319 Milan Road, Sandusky
  • Background: Hosted by Ghostly Manor Thrill Center and featured on the Travel Channel.
  • Days of Operation: Fridays and Saturdays in October from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Tickets: $25

These nine haunted attractions in Ohio provide a variety of scares, from animal instincts to deranged doctors. With multiple attractions and diverse themes, they offer an immersive and fear-inducing experience for thrill-seekers. Check the schedules and get your tickets early to secure your spot in the frightful festivities.

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Ohio boasts a variety of haunted attractions, from spooky hayrides to abandoned schoolhouses, providing scares for all preferences. The article lists the top 10 haunted houses, detailing their locations, unique features, ticket prices, and operation days.

Each attraction caters to different scare levels, with family-friendly options and intense experiences. Notable mentions include The Dent School House, with its eerie legend, and The Ohio State Reformatory, known for its historical background.

The article also highlights charitable initiatives, like The Haunted Yard in Parma supporting the Parma Animal Shelter. Overall, it’s a comprehensive guide for thrill-seekers looking for a diverse range of haunted experiences in Ohio.

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