Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in Denver – Unveiling the Darkest Thrills

Haunted Houses in Denver: Denver, Colorado, is not your average spot for kid-friendly Halloween haunted houses. It has become a Halloween hub dedicated to all things scary, especially over-the-top haunted houses. If you’re not a fan of spooky Halloween traditions, that’s okay, but for genuine horror enthusiasts, Denver offers the chance to experience intense terror.

In Denver, you’ll find haunted house attractions that go beyond the ordinary, providing a truly terrifying experience. From menacing zombies to creepy clowns and deranged psychopaths, these attractions are designed to be your worst nightmare. If you’re up for the challenge, continue reading to discover the top haunted houses in Denver.

Only those who genuinely love horror need to apply…

Quick Facts:

  1. Denver stands out as a Halloween hub, featuring haunted house attractions designed for true horror enthusiasts who crave a deeply terrifying experience.
  2. The 13th Floor emerges as Denver’s top haunted house, providing a range of frightening attractions, horror-themed bars, and the added thrill of axe-throwing.

Haunted Houses in Denver

Haunted Houses in Denver
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Colorado boasts numerous haunted houses worth visiting every year. Grab your friends and embark on a chilling adventure if you dare. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most spine-tingling haunted houses and more that Colorful Colorado has in store. Whether they’re close to campus or require a bit of travel, these destinations promise a hauntingly good time.

Let’s explore the top 10 haunted houses in Denver:

#1. The 13th Floor

Haunted Houses in Denver - The 13th Floor
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The most sought-after haunted house in Denver, The 13th Floor, ensures an immersive Halloween horror experience. Due to its popularity, the venue has expanded, offering more frightening attractions. Guests can choose from various haunted experiences and also indulge in horror-themed bars and even try their hand at axe-throwing!

  • Location: 3400 E. 52nd Ave., Denver
  • Days of Operations: Weekends, 7-10 p.m.
  • Tickets: Starting at $24.99 per person. A FastPass option is available for an additional cost.

#2. The Frightmare Compound

Haunted Houses in Denver - The Frightmare Compound
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Situated in Westminster, The Frightmare Compound is one of the region’s oldest and largest haunted houses, having been around for over 38 years. Despite claiming to have “something for the whole family,” it warns that kids under 12 might find it too scary. The attraction includes a Monster Museum, mini-escape rooms, and a Coffin Simulator Ride, providing the sensation of being buried alive.

  • Location: 10798 Yukon St., Westminster
  • Days of Operations: Through Oct. 31.
  • Tickets: $30-$60.
  • Contact: 303-467-2273

#3. Haunted Field of Screams

Haunted Houses in Denver - Haunted Field of Screams
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Haunted Field of Screams’s bone-chilling experience takes visitors down Riverdale Road, considered Colorado’s most haunted spot. As the largest haunted attraction in the state, it features a 40-acre cornfield filled with nightmarish monsters and special effects that are sure to leave guests thoroughly scared. Open only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in October.

  • Location: 10451 McKay Road, Thornton
  • Days of Operations: Weekends, 7-11 p.m.
  • Tickets: General admission is $34.99 per person.
  • Note: Visitors must sign a waiver before purchasing tickets. The event is outdoors, subject to bad weather conditions, and includes intense effects that may be overwhelming.

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#4. Terror in the Corn

Situated in Erie, this haunted hayride and ghost town experience is part of the larger Anderson Farms’ Fall Festival. While the festival is family-friendly, Terror in the Corn is not recommended for little kids due to its haunting nature. Recent reviews highlight its surprising length and elaborateness, suggesting visitors dress accordingly.

  • Location: 6728 County Line Road 3 1/4
  • Days of Operations: Sept. 23 – Oct. 31.
  • Tickets: $35-$39.

#5. Fright by Night (Fright Fest)

As part of Elitch Gardens / Six Flags’ Fright Fest events, Fright by Night promises “blood-curdling shrieks, shrills, and chills” in an amusement park setting. Running from September 27th to November 2nd, it offers a unique experience of being tormented by evil in an amusement park, inspired by iconic horror sources like the movie “Us” and the Goosebumps novel.

  • Location: 2000 Elitch Circle, Denver, CO 80204
  • Days of Operations: September 27th – November 2nd, 6:00 pm each night
  • Tickets: Visit for ticketing info.

#6. The Asylum Haunted House

Haunted Houses in Denver - The Asylum Haunted House
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Ranked as the scariest haunted house in the U.S. by Discovery Channel, The Asylum, located in Henderson, CO, guarantees a terrifying experience. General admission tickets start at $25, and the haunted house remains open through the first weekend of November. A must-visit for those seeking an intense scare near Denver.

  • Location: 7007 East 88th Avenue, Henderson, CO 80640
  • Days of Operations: Weekends, 7-10 p.m.
  • Tickets: $25

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#7. Extinction Haunted House

Extinction Haunted House offers a live-action experience where guests can fight back against monsters armed with paintballs and BBs. Surviving the post-apocalyptic world within this extreme haunted house requires courage and strategic thinking.

  • Location: 5095 Peoria Street, Denver
  • Days of Operations: 7 days a week, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Tickets: General admission tickets are $25 per person

#8. HellScream

Haunted Houses in Denver - HellScream
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Not for the faint of heart, HellScream Haunted House stands out with its unique theme, skilled actors, and eerie atmosphere. Open for 15 years, this haunted attraction in Denver continues to thrill audiences with its horrifying ambiance, challenging visitors to face their biggest fears.

  • Location: 3021 N Hancock Ave, Colorado Springs
  • Days of Operations: Friday & Saturday 7-11 p.m., Sunday 7-10 p.m.
  • Tickets: Tickets are $24 Sunday-Thursday and $27 Friday-Saturday

#9. Reinke Brothers Haunted Mansion

Haunted Houses in Denver - Reinke Brothers Haunted Mansion
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Combining a costume store and haunted house attraction, Reinke Brothers Haunted Mansion transforms into a thrilling haunted house from September 28th to October 31st. Guests can enjoy self-guided tours, gaining insight into how the haunted house is created, making it a unique and captivating experience.

  • Location: 5663 S. Prince Street, Littleton
  • Days of Operations: Monday-Thursday 6-10 p.m., Friday 6 p.m.-12 a.m., Saturday 3 p.m.-12 a.m., Sunday 3-10 p.m.
  • Tickets: Tickets start at $20 per person, $35 for VIP

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In Denver, there’s a thrilling world of terror waiting for those who seek the ultimate Halloween experience. These Top 9 Haunted Houses offer more than just scares—they promise unforgettable moments of spine-chilling intensity.

From the infamous 13th Floor with its expanded horrors to the historic Frightmare Compound, each destination has its unique frights. Haunted Field of Screams takes you to Colorado’s most haunted spot, while Terror in the Corn offers a haunting hayride in Erie.

The scariest in the U.S., The Asylum Haunted House, and the interactive Extinction Haunted House provide unforgettable scares. HellScream challenges the bravest, and Reinke Brothers Haunted Mansion combines a store and a haunting experience. With locations, operation days, and ticket prices provided, this guide ensures a hauntingly good time for those daring to step into Denver’s Top 10 Haunted Houses.

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