Haunted Houses in Dallas: Step into the chilling world of haunted houses in Dallas, where the experience is like walking right into your favorite horror movie. From creepy clowns and menacing zombies to mischievous elves, haunting shadows, and eerie spirits, these hotspots in Dallas are designed to send shivers down your spine.

With larger-than-life sets, top-notch actors, and spine-tingling special effects that seem all too real, these haunted houses will test the limits of your deepest fears. Prepare to unleash your screams and run for your life as you venture into one of these frightful haunted houses in Dallas:

Best Haunted Houses in Dallas

Haunted Houses in Dallas
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Get ready for a spooky adventure right in the heart of Dallas! We’re about to reveal the Top 9 Best Haunted Houses that’ll give you some serious chills. First up is Screams Halloween Theme Park with its eerie corridors, followed by the unique scares at Junkyard Haunted House and the intense thrills of Cutting Edge Haunted House. Each place promises a different and super scary experience.

We’ll take you on a tour through The Village on the Front, where a spooky story unfolds. Then, we’ll navigate through the classic scares of Reindeer Manor Halloween Park and face the terrifying scenes at J & F House of Terror. Dark Hour Haunted House, Hangman’s House of Horrors, and The Parker House are also on the list, offering a mix of scares from live witches to interactive zombie battles.

So, gear up for a haunting adventure as we uncover the best spooky spots that Dallas has to offer!

#1. Screams Halloween Theme Park

Haunted Houses in Dallas - Screams Halloween Theme Park
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If you’re up for a spooktacular time in Waxahachie, you’ve got to check out Screams Halloween Theme Park. Forget about one, two, or even three haunted houses – here, you’ll find a total of 5 haunted houses and a bunch of other dark attractions, live actors who will give you a good scare, and much more for the Halloween season.

Each haunted house has its unique theme. One of the new additions is Bootlegger’s Bayou, and make sure not to miss Cool Ghoul Boulevard, a newer main attraction with fantastic special effects and stage shows at the Screams main stage.

Hungry? They’ve covered you with spooky food and drinks at the Food Court, Full Moon Cafe, or 13th Hour Bakery.

What’s even better? Your single admission price covers all five haunted houses, Cool Ghoul Boulevard, Rottingwood Cemetery, stage entertainment, and Scary-Oke. Want to skip the lines? Limited Fast Passes are available each night. Remember that Screams is designed for ages 16 and up; it is not recommended for young children. And yes, parking is free.

  • Location: 2511 FM 66, Waxahachie, TX 75167, United States
  • Haunted Houses:
    1. Zombie Wasteland Apocalypse
    2. PT Harnum’s Carnival of Chaos
    3. Hotel D’Feers
    4. Cursed – The Witches of Terra Mythica Castle
    5. Capt’n Barbarosa’s Blood Harbour
  • Additional Features:
    • Castle-like entrance with soaring flames
    • Food court with hotdogs, corn dogs, turkey legs, and pizzas
    • Live DJ performances
    • Games and Scary-oke
    • Glow products, temporary tattoos, psychic or tarot readings
  • Timings: Fridays to Sundays – 7:30 PM to 12:00 AM
  • Tickets: $35 per head

#2. Junkyard Haunted House

Haunted Houses in Dallas - Junkyard Haunted House
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For a chilling experience in Dallas, Texas, head to Oak Cliff’s only haunted house, the Junkyard Haunted House. Nestled in the historic Oak Cliff neighborhood, this haunted attraction promises to give you thrills and chills like no other.

  • Location: 2700 Sylvan Street, Dallas, TX 76021
  • Attractions: Haunted house in the historic Oak Cliff neighborhood
  • Tickets: $20, Free parking on-site
  • Age: 5 and up
  • Operating Schedule: Every weekend in October 2023

#3. Cutting Edge Haunted House

Haunted Houses in Dallas - Cutting Edge Haunted House
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Looking for a real haunted house in Fort Worth, Texas? Cutting Edge Haunted House is the place to be. It’s not just any haunted house; it’s a dark and intense attraction with live actors, incredible monsters, and mind-blowing special effects. This multi-story, multi-themed haunted house is considered one of the best in the nation for its detailed scares.

Remember, no bags or purses are allowed, and kids must be at least 40 inches tall to enter.

  • Location: 1701 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76102, United States
  • Features:
    • Located in a 100-year-old abandoned meat factory
    • Guinness World Record holder for the world’s largest haunted house
    • Not recommended for specific health conditions
  • Timings: Fridays and Saturdays, 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM; Sundays, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Tickets:
    • General Admission: $34.99 to $44.99
    • Fast Pass: $54.99

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#4. The Village on the Front

Downtown Arlington has its horror hotspot – The Village on the Front. Created through the collaboration of the Arlington Historical Society and 3 Di Sign and Design, this haunted house at Knapp Heritage Park is a spooky place. It tells the tale of a child named Mary who, after losing her parents, roams the village in search of them.

The haunted experience is heightened with well-designed special effects, making it feel like a date with death.

  • Location: Knapp Heritage Park, 201 West Front Street, Arlington, TX 76011
  • Attraction: Tells the story of a child named Mary in a haunted village
  • Entry Fee: Starts at $25 per head, Group discounts available
  • Note: Business timings are subject to change; contact Knapp Heritage Park for the latest information

#5. Reindeer Manor Halloween Park

Haunted Houses in Dallas - Reindeer Manor Halloween Park
Image Credits: https://dallas.culturemap.com

As one of the oldest haunted houses in Dallas, Reindeer Manor Halloween Park covers 32 acres and features three main attractions – Reindeer Manor, 13th Street Morgue, and the newly opened Dungeon of Doom.

Combo tickets even include a bonus attraction – the Shadow House, where you must navigate a terrifying black maze with just a glow stick. Brace yourself for a post-apocalyptic drive-through experience and ask about Operation Berserk for an extra adrenaline rush.

  • Location: 410 Houston School Rd, Red Oak, TX 75154, United States
  • Attractions:
    • Reindeer Manor
    • 13th Street Morgue
    • Dungeon of Doom
    • Bonus Attraction: Shadow House
  • Timings: Fridays and Saturdays, 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
  • Tickets: Starting from $35 per head, Drive-through available

#6. J & F House of Terror

From October 6th to October 31st, brace yourself for the outdoor maze and J & F Butcher House in Dallas. Choose a combo ticket or opt for just one of the haunted houses. The J & F Butcher House is shorter, perfect for beginners or those who are scared easily. Both haunts are guaranteed to be VERY SCARY! Tickets come with a designated time slot and be prepared for waits of up to 1.5 hours on the busiest night.

  • Location: Firewheel Mall, 205 Cedar Sage Drive, Garland, Texas 75040
  • Operating Schedule: Select dates from September 22 to November 5, 2023
  • Tickets: Limited, non-refundable, and time-specific, starting from $15
  • Note: Features Blackout Haunted House, an outdoor maze, and J & F Butcher House

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#7. Dark Hour Haunted House

Haunted Houses in Dallas - Dark Hour Haunted House
Image Credits: https://darkhourhauntedhouse.com/

With live witches, monstrous creatures, and gruesome scenes, Dark Hour Haunted House is a North Texas favorite. Offering a terrifying walk-through experience, it stands out as one of the scariest in DFW. Don’t miss heir newest attraction – Dark Hour Escape. Remember that this event may be too intense for children under 10.

  • Location: 701 Taylor Dr, Plano, TX 75074, United States
  • Attractions:
    • Dark Hour Manor
    • Annabelle’s Asylum
  • Tickets:
    • General Admission: $30 per head
    • Combo with Annabelle’s Asylum: $40 per head
    • VIP Experience and Behind-the-Scenes Tour available
  • Note: Timings are subject to change; contact Dark Hour Haunted House for the latest information

#8. Hangman’s House of Horrors

Haunted Houses in Dallas - Hangman’s House of Horrors
Image Credits: https://hangmans.com/

As the largest, longest-running, and most popular haunted walk-through, Hangman’s House of Horrors guarantees screams. Located in Fort Worth, it’s worth the $10 parking fee.

If you prefer a less intense experience, check out Scaredy Cat Nights during 2023, where the lights are on; actors mingle with customers, and free trick-or-treat candy is up for grabs.

  • Location: 4400 Blue Mound Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76106, United States
  • Attractions:
    • Hangman’s House of Horrors
    • Outbreak
    • Escape Labs Mission Z (Currently closed)
  • Timings:
    • Fridays and Saturdays: 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
    • Sundays: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Tickets:
    • Standard: $34 per person
    • VIP Admission: $55 per person

#9. The Parker House

Step into the unknown at The Parker House, where you’ll be engulfed in murderous mayhem. Experience Mary Parker’s living quarters, torturous chambers, and a graveyard. Journey through the woods and encounter unsavory characters promising a quick encounter.

For an interactive ride, try Outbreak, where you’ll battle zombies in specially equipped attack vehicles to save the world from the OUTBREAK virus.

  • Location: 8550 West University Dr., Denton, Texas 76207
  • Operating Schedule: October 6 – 31
  • Cost: $34 – $60

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Dallas boasts diverse haunted attractions that promise spine-tingling experiences for Halloween enthusiasts. The top 9 haunted houses, including the Screams Halloween Theme Park in Waxahachie, the unique Junkyard Haunted House in Oak Cliff, and the real-deal Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, offer a range of scares and thrills.

Each location has its unique charm, from spooky narratives in Downtown Arlington’s The Village on the Front to classic haunted vibes at Reindeer Manor Halloween Park. Whether you prefer the intense scares of Dark Hour Haunted House, the traditional frights of Hangman’s House of Horrors, or the interactive adventure at The Parker House, Dallas has something for everyone. So, gear up for a hauntingly good time at Dallas’s top 9 best-haunted houses.

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