15 Abandoned Places In Wisconsin: Lost In The Sunshine!

Are you ready to embark on an adventure like no other? Prepare yourself to explore the forgotten corners of Wisconsin, where once thriving places now lay abandoned and lost in the sunshine.

In this article, we will take you on a journey through fifteen eerie locations that will captivate your imagination and leave you with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

As you delve into the secrets of these abandoned places, you’ll find yourself transported to a different time and place. Imagine wandering through the echoes of an old factory in Milwaukee, where the machines that once hummed with life now stand silent and still.

Or picture yourself stepping into the forgotten asylum in Madison, where the walls hold the stories of those who were once confined within its confines.

But fear not, dear reader, for although these places may be abandoned, they still hold a certain beauty and intrigue. As you explore these hidden gems, you’ll find yourself immersed in the history and mystery that surrounds them.

So, come along and let us guide you through the haunting beauty of these abandoned places in Wisconsin, where the sunshine casts a gentle glow on the forgotten remnants of the past.

15 Abandoned Places In Wisconsin

Exploring Wisconsin reveals a haunting narrative of abandonment. From Milwaukee to Menomonee Falls, each location tells a story of forgotten history. Forgotten asylums, abandoned amusement parks, and decaying mansions stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time in the Badger State.

#1. Milwaukee

Factory in Milwaukee
Image Credits: Edition.cnn.com

As you step into the abandoned factory in Milwaukee, you can’t help but feel a shiver run down your spine as you are enveloped by the eerie silence and the ghostly remnants of a once bustling industrial era. The air is thick with a sense of abandonment, and it’s hard to ignore the feeling that you’re trespassing in a place that time forgot.

The walls, once vibrant with the hum of machinery and the chatter of workers, now stand as silent witnesses to a bygone era. The floor is littered with remnants of the past – rusted tools, broken glass, and scraps of machinery that have long since been forgotten. Each step you take echoes through the empty halls, a stark reminder of the emptiness that now consumes this once-thriving factory.

As you explore further, you can’t help but notice the signs of decay and neglect that have taken hold. The paint is peeling from the walls, revealing the layers of history that have accumulated over the years. The windows are broken, allowing beams of sunlight to penetrate the darkness and cast eerie shadows on the dilapidated machinery. Nature has begun to reclaim this forgotten space, with vines creeping up the walls and weeds sprouting from the cracks in the floor. It’s a hauntingly beautiful sight, but also a reminder of the impermanence of human achievements.

Although the abandoned factory may seem like a place of danger and uncertainty, there’s an undeniable allure to its mystery. It’s a place where you can escape the noise and chaos of the modern world and be transported to a time when things were simpler. There’s a certain comfort in the knowledge that you’re safe, that the factory’s secrets are locked away and can only be discovered by those brave enough to venture inside.

So as you stand in the midst of this forgotten relic, take a moment to appreciate the beauty in its decay and the stories it holds.

#2. Forgotten Asylum

Imagine stepping into the forgotten asylum in Madison, a place where you can uncover the mysteries of its past and feel the eerie atmosphere.

As you cautiously walk through the decrepit hallways, your senses are heightened, and a shiver runs down your spine. The air is heavy with the weight of forgotten stories as if the walls themselves hold the secrets of the tormented souls who once resided here.

The flickering light from your flashlight casts eerie shadows, adding to the sense of unease that surrounds you. You can’t help but wonder about the lives that were lived within these walls. The asylum’s deserted rooms hold remnants of the past, like faded wallpaper and broken furniture, each whispering a tale of sadness and despair.

Your footsteps echo through the empty corridors, reminding you of the solitude that now consumes this once-bustling place. Despite the chilling ambiance, there is an undeniable curiosity that keeps you moving forward, as if drawn by an invisible force that compels you to unravel the asylum’s haunting history.

As you explore further, you can’t help but feel a subconscious desire for safety. The abandoned asylum serves as a reminder of the fragility of human existence and the importance of finding solace in the familiar.

The dilapidated state of the building acts as a warning, urging you to appreciate the comforts and security of your own surroundings. Although the asylum may be a place of intrigue and mystery, it also serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining a sense of belonging and protection in our lives.

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#3. Bayfield

Image Credits: Paulinaontheroad.com

Step into the ghost town of Bayfield, where you’ll unravel the mystery that shrouds this forgotten corner of history.

As you walk through the deserted streets, a sense of eerie calm washes over you. The dilapidated buildings stand as silent witnesses to a time long gone, their faded facades hinting at the stories they hold within.

You can’t help but feel a chill in the air as if the spirits of the past are still lingering, waiting to reveal their secrets.

Your eyes are drawn to the abandoned schoolhouse, its broken windows and peeling paint giving it a haunting beauty. You can almost imagine the sound of children’s laughter echoing through the empty halls, a reminder of the vibrant life that once thrived here.

As you explore further, you stumble upon an old saloon, its doors creaking open as if inviting you in. The worn bar stools and dusty bottles tell tales of rowdy nights and lively conversations that have long since faded away.

While the ghost town of Bayfield may be a place frozen in time, it still holds a certain allure. The mystery that surrounds it beckons you to uncover its secrets, to piece together the fragments of its past.

As you wander through the abandoned streets, you can’t help but feel a sense of adventure, mixed with a subconscious desire for safety. There’s a thrill in exploring the forgotten, but also a comforting knowledge that you can always leave this forgotten corner of history behind, returning to the bustling world outside.

#4. Amusement Park in Green Bay

Amusement Park in Green Bay
Image Credits: Pinterest.com

The eerie allure of the abandoned amusement park in Green Bay beckons visitors with its hauntingly beautiful remnants of a forgotten era. As you step through the rusted entrance gate, you can almost hear the faint echoes of laughter and the excitement that once filled the air.

The decaying roller coasters and dilapidated Ferris wheel stand as silent sentinels, reminding us of the joy that was once experienced here. The faded colors of the old carousel horses and the cracked mirrors in the funhouse create a melancholic atmosphere that is both haunting and captivating.

Walking through the overgrown paths, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe mixed with a subtle hint of unease. The abandoned amusement park, with its overgrown flora and crumbling structures, holds a certain charm that is hard to resist. However, as you explore, there is an underlying subconscious desire for safety that keeps you on edge.

The creaking of the old swing sets and the eerie silence that fills the air create a mysterious ambiance that is both thrilling and unsettling. While the allure of the abandoned amusement park is undeniable, it serves as a chilling reminder of the passage of time and the fleeting nature of human existence.

#5. Mansion in Oshkosh

Mansion in Oshkosh
Image Credits: Travelwisconsin.com

As you wander through the decaying halls, a sense of anticipation tingles down your spine, urging you to uncover the hidden secrets of this forgotten mansion in Oshkosh. The air is thick with a musty scent, and the floorboards creak beneath your weight, adding to the eerie ambiance.

The once grand chandeliers hang precariously from the ceiling, their crystal tears reflecting the dim light that filters through the cracked windows. You can’t help but feel a mixture of excitement and caution as you step over fallen debris and explore each room. Every corner holds a potential surprise, whether it’s a forgotten family portrait or a dusty old diary. It’s as if the mansion itself is whispering to you, beckoning you to uncover its story.

As you move deeper into the mansion, you can’t help but notice the faded elegance that still lingers in the peeling wallpaper and ornate moldings. The rooms are filled with remnants of the past, remnants of a life once lived. You can almost imagine the laughter that once filled these halls, the parties that were thrown, and the love that was shared. It’s a bittersweet feeling, knowing that this beautiful home has been abandoned and left to decay. Yet, there is a sense of safety in the abandonment, as if the mansion is protecting its secrets and keeping them hidden from the outside world.

You can’t help but feel a sense of privilege, being one of the few who have ventured into this forgotten place. As you continue to explore, you can’t help but wonder what other hidden secrets lie within the walls of this enchanting mansion.

#6. Schoolhouse in Eau Claire

Eau Claire
Image Credits: Outdoorguyphotography.wordpress.com

Hidden within the overgrown foliage, the forgotten schoolhouse in Eau Claire holds echoes of laughter, knowledge, and dreams that have long been silenced. As you step inside the dilapidated building, you can almost hear the faint whispers of children’s voices and the shuffle of feet on the creaky wooden floors.

The walls, now covered in peeling paint and crumbling plaster, once proudly displayed colorful artwork and inspirational quotes. You can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia for a time when this place was filled with youthful energy and the promise of a bright future.

As you explore the abandoned schoolhouse, you can’t help but wonder about the stories that unfolded within these walls.

What dreams did these young minds have? What lessons were taught here? It’s as if the spirit of education still lingers, urging you to seek knowledge and embrace the power of learning. Despite the decay and neglect, there is a certain beauty in the remnants of this forgotten place.

It serves as a reminder that even in abandonment, there is a longing for connection, growth, and safety.

#7. Mill in La Crosse

Mill in La Crosse
Image Credits: Onlyinyourstate.com

As you leave the forgotten schoolhouse behind, your curiosity leads you to another intriguing abandoned place in Wisconsin. You find yourself standing in front of the ruins of an old mill in La Crosse, beckoning you to explore its mysterious past.

The crumbling walls and overgrown vegetation create an eerie atmosphere, but your adventurous spirit pushes you forward.

As you step inside the abandoned mill, the air is filled with a musty smell, and the sound of your own footsteps echoing through the empty halls. The sun shines through broken windows, casting long shadows on the decaying machinery. Your heart races with a mix of excitement and caution, knowing that every step could reveal a hidden danger. Yet, something about the place intrigues you, as if it holds secrets waiting to be discovered.

As you navigate through the labyrinth of rooms, your eyes are drawn to the remnants of a once bustling industry. Rusty gears, broken conveyor belts, and dilapidated tools tell the story of a bygone era. You can almost imagine the workers toiling away, their voices filling the now silent space. It’s a haunting reminder of the passage of time and the fleeting nature of human endeavors.

Despite the sense of danger that lingers in the air, you can’t help but feel a strange sense of peace amidst the chaos. The abandoned mill has become a sanctuary for nature, with plants reclaiming the space as their own. It’s a delicate balance between decay and rebirth, a reminder that even in abandonment, beauty can still be found.

As you reluctantly leave the ruins behind, you can’t help but wonder about the countless stories that have been lost within these walls. The abandoned mill in La Crosse is a testament to the transient nature of life, a poignant reminder that everything eventually fades away.

And as you walk away, a part of you can’t help but feel grateful for the safety and stability that surrounds you in the present moment.

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#8. Railroad Station in Racine

Image Credits: en.wikipedia.org

Stepping into the forgotten railroad station in Racine, a sense of nostalgia washes over you as you uncover the rich history that lies within its walls. The worn wooden floors creak beneath your feet, telling stories of countless footsteps that once hurried through these halls.

Sunlight streams through the broken windows, casting a warm glow on the remnants of a bygone era. You can almost hear the echoes of conversations, the laughter of children, and the rumble of trains that once filled this space.

As you explore further, you come across old ticket counters, their once shiny surfaces now faded and chipped. The faded signs still hang above, displaying the destinations that were once so eagerly sought after. It’s as if time has stood still in this forgotten place, frozen in a moment of history. The peeling wallpaper and crumbling bricks only add to the sense of melancholy beauty that surrounds you.

Despite the decay and abandonment, there is a certain allure to this place. It’s a reminder of a simpler time when trains were a lifeline, connecting communities and carrying dreams. As you continue your journey through the abandoned station, you can’t help but feel a sense of safety and comfort, knowing that even in its desolation, this place holds memories of a time when people relied on the railroad to transport them to their loved ones.

#9. Church in Kenosha

Church in Kenosha
Image Credits: Onlyinyourstate.com

The eerie ambiance of the deserted church in Kenosha sends shivers down your spine as if it holds secrets that refuse to be forgotten. As you step through the creaking doors, the musty scent of decay fills the air, and you can’t help but feel a sense of unease. The once vibrant stained glass windows now stand shattered, casting fragmented shards of light onto the worn wooden pews. It’s as if time has frozen in this haunting place, leaving behind a ghostly presence that lingers in the silence.

Every step you take echoes through the empty hallways, making you acutely aware of your own vulnerability. The floorboards groan under your weight, as if trying to warn you of the church’s eerie history. You can’t help but wonder about the stories that lie hidden within these walls – tales of devotion, faith, and perhaps even tragedy. It’s a place that seems frozen in time, a relic of the past that refuses to be forgotten.

Despite the unsettling atmosphere, there’s an undeniable fascination that draws you in. It’s as if this abandoned church whispers to your subconscious desire for safety, urging you to uncover its secrets while assuring you that you’ll come out unscathed. So you continue to explore, your heart racing with a mix of fear and curiosity, hoping to unravel the mysteries that lie within the haunting confines of this forgotten sanctuary.

#10. Farm in Wausau

Farm in Wausau
Image Credits: Jsonline.com

You can almost taste the lingering sense of desolation as you peer through the decaying remnants of the forgotten farm in Wausau. The once vibrant fields now lay barren, their soil lifeless and forgotten.

The farm’s weathered barn stands tall, its wooden beams creaking in the wind as if whispering secrets of the past. The rusted machinery scattered across the property tells stories of hard work and toil, now left to rust away in solitude. The sight of broken windows and crumbling walls creates a haunting atmosphere, as if the spirits of the past still linger, trapped within the decaying walls.

As you cautiously step through the overgrown grass and weeds, a sense of unease washes over you. It’s as if the farm is frozen in time, its energy trapped within the crumbling structures. The abandoned farmhouse stands as a silent witness to the memories that were once made within its walls.

A soft breeze rustles through the trees, causing you to shiver involuntarily. The silence is deafening, broken only by the distant sound of the wind whistling through the empty fields.

Despite the eerie atmosphere, there is an undeniable beauty in the abandoned farm. Nature has slowly begun to reclaim its territory, with delicate flowers peeking through the cracks in the pavement and vines climbing the crumbling walls. The juxtaposition of life and decay is both captivating and haunting, leaving you with a sense of awe and wonder.

As you leave the farm, you can’t help but feel a mixture of sadness and gratitude for the opportunity to witness the beauty that lies within the forgotten corners of the world.

#11. Prison in Sheboygan

Image Credits: doc.wi.gov

As you wander through the desolate corridors and peeling paint of the forgotten prison in Sheboygan, a sense of foreboding washes over you. The air is thick with silence, broken only by the faint sound of your footsteps echoing off the cold, damp walls.

Each step you take feels like a step into the past, a glimpse into the lives of those who once called this place home. You can’t help but imagine the stories that these walls hold. The prisoners who were once locked away here, their hopes and dreams all but forgotten. As you peer into the empty cells, you can almost hear their whispers, their pleas for freedom. It’s a haunting reminder of the power of human resilience, and the harsh realities of a life behind bars.

But as unsettling as this place may be, there is also a strange sense of safety that comes with exploring the abandoned prison. You are acutely aware that the only danger here is the possibility of stumbling upon a crumbling step or a loose floorboard.

In this forgotten world, there are no living threats, no lurking dangers. It’s a paradoxical feeling of both unease and comfort, as if the past has been frozen in time, and you are merely a spectator in this ghostly landscape.

So you continue to wander, captivated by the history that lingers in the air, and grateful for the safety of the present moment.

#12. Abandoned Hotel in Appleton

Image Credits: en.wikipedia.org

Unraveling the mysteries of the forgotten hotel in Appleton, you can’t help but feel a shiver of anticipation as you step into its decaying grandeur. The once opulent lobby, now covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs, tells a story of a bygone era.

As you explore the dilapidated hallways and peeling wallpaper, your imagination runs wild with thoughts of the guests who once walked these floors, their laughter and conversations now just echoes in the silence. But amidst the eerie atmosphere, there is a sense of safety that lingers in the air. The hotel may be abandoned, but there is a certain comfort in knowing that no harm can come to you here.

The walls may be crumbling, but they provide a shelter from the outside world. The broken windows may let in a gust of wind, but they also let in a glimmer of sunlight that dances on the faded carpet. As you delve deeper into the history of this forgotten place, you uncover tales of grand parties and extravagant events that took place within these walls. You can almost hear the music playing and see the elegantly dressed guests twirling on the dance floor.

The hotel may be in ruins now, but its past glory still shines through, offering a sense of solace to those who dare to venture into its forgotten halls.

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#13. Lighthouse in Superior

Lighthouse in Superior
Image Credits: Lakesuperiorcircletour.info

Venturing into the decaying grandeur of the forgotten lighthouse in Superior, you’re immediately captivated by its enigmatic history. The crumbling façade and overgrown surroundings give an eerie feeling, as if time has stood still in this forgotten place.

As you step inside, the air is thick with a sense of mystery, and you can’t help but wonder what stories this lighthouse holds.

The abandoned lighthouse in Superior was once a beacon of hope, guiding ships safely through the treacherous waters of Lake Superior. But now, it stands as a haunting reminder of the past. The walls are covered in peeling paint, and broken windows allow glimpses of sunlight to filter through the dust-filled air.

As you explore the empty rooms and climb the worn-out staircase, you can’t help but feel a mixture of awe and unease. It’s as if the lighthouse is whispering its secrets to you, urging you to uncover the truth behind its abandonment.

While the lighthouse may no longer serve its original purpose, it continues to draw in curious souls who are captivated by its mysterious allure.

#14. Cemetery in Janesville

Cemetery in Janesville
Image Credits: Janesvillecvb.com

Step into the overgrown and forgotten cemetery in Janesville, and you’ll feel an inexplicable sense of reverence for the lives once lived on this hallowed ground. The crumbling headstones, covered in moss and ivy, stand as silent sentinels, guarding the memories of those who have long since passed.

As you walk among the graves, your footsteps muffled by fallen leaves, you can’t help but wonder about the stories of the people buried here. Who were they? What were their hopes, dreams, and fears? It’s as if the spirits of the departed whisper their secrets to you, urging you to remember their forgotten lives.

In this forgotten cemetery, there is a haunting beauty that transcends time. The rustle of the wind through the trees and the distant chirping of birds create a peaceful atmosphere, allowing you to reflect on the fragility of life.

As you explore further, you may come across some unmarked graves, lost to the passage of time. These nameless souls serve as a reminder that even in death, we are all connected. There is a sense of unity in this forgotten place, a collective memory that stretches beyond the boundaries of our mortality.

Step cautiously through the ivy-covered gates, for this is a place of both sorrow and solace.

The forgotten cemetery in Janesville is a sanctuary for the forgotten, a place where memories linger and whispers of the past echo in the breeze.

Take a moment to pay your respects to those who came before, and in doing so, you may find a sense of peace and gratitude for the safety of your existence.

#15. Menomonee Falls

Image Credits: Tripadvisor.in

As you enter the dimly lit theater in Menomonee Falls, you can’t help but be captivated by its haunting beauty. The faded red velvet seats, once filled with eager theatergoers, now stand empty and silent.

The stage, adorned with crumbling scenery, tells stories of performances long forgotten. The air is thick with a sense of nostalgia and mystery as if the spirits of actors’ past still linger in the shadows.

As you walk down the echoing aisle, you can almost hear the faint echo of applause and laughter. The ornate chandeliers, now covered in dust and cobwebs, add to the eerie atmosphere. The peeling paint on the walls and the cracked mirrors only enhance the theater’s ghostly charm.

It’s as if time stood still in this abandoned place, frozen in a moment of both sadness and beauty.

While exploring this forgotten theater, you can’t help but feel a sense of both excitement and trepidation. The allure of the unknown draws you in, but a subtle feeling of unease lingers at the back of your mind. Your subconscious desires safety, urging you to proceed with caution.

Yet, there is something undeniably magical about this place. It’s a reminder that even in abandonment, there is still beauty to be found, and a story waiting to be discovered.


You’ve had the opportunity to explore some of the most intriguing and haunting abandoned places in Wisconsin. From the forgotten asylum in Madison to the ghost town of Bayfield, each location tells a unique story of its own.

As you ventured through the abandoned amusement park in Green Bay and the hidden mansion in Oshkosh, you couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and wonder at the history that was left behind. The abandoned hotel in Appleton and the mysterious lighthouse in Superior added to the mystery and intrigue of these forgotten places.

But it was perhaps the forgotten cemetery in Janesville and the abandoned theater in Menomonee Falls that truly captivated your imagination. The eeriness of the cemetery and the haunting beauty of the theater left you with a sense of melancholy, as you realized that these once vibrant places had been left to decay and fade away. Yet, there was also a sense of appreciation for the stories and memories that these places held, and the opportunity to experience a glimpse into the past.

As you reflect on your journey through these abandoned places, you can’t help but feel a mixture of emotions. You were both fascinated and saddened by the sights and stories that unfolded before you. The abandoned places in Wisconsin are not just forgotten spaces, but reminders of a time gone by, and a testament to the impermanence of human existence.

So, as you leave these places behind, you carry with you the memories and stories that will continue to live on in your mind, forever lost in the sunshine.

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