10 Abandoned Places In Columbus Ohio: From Factories To Ruins!

Welcome to Columbus, Ohio, a city with a rich history and countless stories to tell. As you wander through its streets, you may stumble upon hidden gems that have been abandoned over the years. From factories that once buzzed with activity to ruins now overtaken by nature’s grasp, these forgotten places hold a certain allure that is both eerie and captivating.

Imagine exploring the remains of The Ohio Penitentiary, where notorious criminals were once incarcerated. Feel a shiver run down your spine as you step inside the derelict Westland Mall, once a bustling hub of retail activity.

These abandoned places in Columbus offer glimpses into the past and allow you to witness the passage of time firsthand. Although they may appear desolate and forgotten, there is something strangely alluring about their decayed beauty.

So grab your sense of adventure and join us on this journey as we uncover 10 abandoned places in Columbus Ohio – from factories to ruins – reminding us of what once was and stirring our subconscious desire for safety in an ever-changing world.

10 Abandoned Places In Columbus Ohio

Exploring the urban landscape of Columbus, Ohio reveals a hauntingly beautiful array of abandoned places. From the imposing ruins of the Ohio Penitentiary to the desolate halls of the Columbus State Hospital, each site holds a rich history waiting to be uncovered.

#1. The Ohio Penitentiary

Image Credits: en.wikipedia.org

As you step into the decaying halls of The Ohio Penitentiary, you can’t help but feel a chill run down your spine as the remnants of its dark past loom around every corner. The oppressive atmosphere weighs heavily on your shoulders, serving as a constant reminder of the suffering and pain that once filled these walls.

As you walk through the narrow corridors, peering into empty cells and crumbling cellblocks, it’s hard not to imagine the ghosts of former inmates still lingering in this forsaken place.

The Ohio Penitentiary stands as a solemn testament to a bygone era, where criminals were locked away from society. The echoes of lost souls seem to reverberate through the graffiti-covered walls, making your heart race with unease.

It’s almost as if time has stood still within these decaying confines, preserving the haunting memories of those who were incarcerated here.

Despite its eerie ambiance, there is an underlying sense of safety that comes with exploring abandoned places like The Ohio Penitentiary. As visitors venture into the unknown and face their fears head-on, they are reminded of their own personal security and comfort outside these haunted walls.

So while it may be unsettling to witness the remnants of a dark past in this forgotten prison, there is solace in knowing that we have moved beyond such brutal methods of punishment and can now appreciate our safety in modern society.

#2. The Westland Mall

Westland Mall
Image Credits: en.wikipedia.org

Explore the eerie atmosphere of the Westland Mall, where you can almost feel the ghostly whispers of its former shoppers. As you step inside, your senses are immediately overwhelmed by a sense of abandonment and decay.

The once vibrant mall now stands as a haunting reminder of its glory days. Walking through the empty corridors, you can’t help but imagine the hustle and bustle that once filled these halls. The fading signs and broken storefronts tell a story of a time long gone. It’s as if time has stood still within these walls, frozen in a moment of nostalgia.

Yet, amidst the decay, there is an undeniable beauty to be found. The natural light streaming through shattered skylights creates an ethereal glow that dances across the remnants of forgotten stores. There is a quiet serenity in this abandoned space that speaks to our subconscious desire for safety.

As you explore further, each step echoing through the empty hallways, it’s hard not to feel a sense of unease. The silence is deafening and every creak or rustle sends shivers down your spine. But beneath it all, there is also a feeling of awe and wonder at witnessing something so grand reduced to ruins.

The Westland Mall may be abandoned and forgotten by most, but for those willing to venture into its depths, it offers an experience unlike any other. It’s an opportunity to witness history in its rawest form where the past meets present in a symphony of decay and beauty.

So go ahead, take that step into the unknown, and let yourself be captivated by the haunting allure of Westland Mall.

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#3. The Cooper Stadium

Cooper Stadium
Image Credits: Dispatch.com

Step inside the atmospheric Cooper Stadium and immerse yourself in a world where the echoes of roaring crowds and the smell of freshly cut grass still linger. As you walk through the abandoned stadium, you can almost feel the excitement that once filled these stands. The grandstands, now weathered and worn, stand as silent witnesses to past glory days.

Be cautious as you explore this forgotten gem, for while its beauty remains intact, time has taken its toll on the structure. Watch your step as you traverse the cracked concrete and broken seats. Although it may seem tempting to climb up into the announcer’s booth or onto the pitcher’s mound, it’s vital to prioritize your safety above all else.

As you wander through this relic of Columbus’s history, take a moment to appreciate its significance. Cooper Stadium was once home to thrilling baseball games and cherished memories for many residents. While it may now be abandoned and forgotten by most, it still holds a certain allure that draws adventurous souls like yourself.

#4. The Jeffrey Manufacturing Company

Image Credits: en.wikipedia.org

The Jeffrey Manufacturing Company, with its rich history and enduring legacy, still captivates your imagination as you explore the abandoned ruins. This once-bustling factory was a beacon of innovation and industrial prowess in Columbus, Ohio.

As you walk through the crumbling walls and rusted machinery, you can almost hear the echoes of workers’ voices and feel their determination to create something extraordinary.

The Jeffrey Manufacturing Company played a significant role in shaping the city’s economy and providing employment opportunities for countless individuals. It produced mining equipment that revolutionized the industry, making extraction safer and more efficient. The factory was a hub of activity, with workers dedicated to pushing boundaries and creating groundbreaking solutions.

As you navigate through this abandoned place, it is essential to be cautious and aware of your surroundings. The decaying structures may pose risks if not approached with care. Watch your step on uneven floors or debris scattered throughout the site. Be mindful of potential hazards such as exposed wires or unstable structures that could collapse under pressure.

While exploring these remnants of industrial history can be thrilling, it’s crucial to prioritize safety at all times. Take extra precautions by wearing appropriate footwear and protective gear if necessary. Remember that this place may have hidden dangers that aren’t immediately apparent.

The Jeffrey Manufacturing Company stands as a testament to Columbus’ industrial past. Its abandoned ruins offer a glimpse into an era filled with innovation and hard work. But amidst your fascination with history, always prioritize your safety while exploring these forgotten places.

#5. Columbus State Hospital

Image Credits: bizjournals.com

Amidst the remnants of industrial history in Columbus, one cannot overlook the haunting presence of the Columbus State Hospital. As you step foot into this abandoned asylum, a shiver runs down your spine.

The decaying hallways and crumbling walls whisper stories of forgotten souls who once sought refuge within these very walls. Your heart races as you explore the eerie rooms, each filled with remnants of a bygone era. It’s as if time itself has frozen within these walls, leaving behind an unsettling atmosphere that sends chills down your spine.

But amidst the eeriness, there is a subconscious desire for safety that lingers within you. You can’t help but feel a sense of relief knowing that this place is no longer operational and that those suffering from mental illnesses are now receiving proper care elsewhere. The peeling paint and broken windows serve as reminders of a time when mental health treatment was vastly different from what it is today.

As you walk through the empty corridors, you can’t help but reflect on how far we’ve come in terms of understanding and compassion towards mental health. The Columbus State Hospital stands as a stark reminder of our past failures, but also serves as a testament to our progress in providing better care and support for those in need.

#6. The Poindexter Village

Image Credits: en.wikipedia.org

As you venture further into the forgotten corners of this historical city, a sense of curiosity draws you towards the enigmatic Poindexter Village, where whispers of its vibrant past intertwine with the echoes of silence that now engulf its streets.

This once-thriving community was built in 1940 as one of the first public housing projects for African Americans in Columbus. It provided a haven and a close-knit neighborhood for many families during an era marked by racial segregation.

Walking through Poindexter Village today, you can’t help but feel a mix of awe and sadness. The dilapidated buildings stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time, their broken windows and crumbling walls telling stories of days gone by.

As you explore the deserted streets, your mind begins to wander, imagining children playing in the playgrounds and families gathering on front porches. It’s hard to fathom that this place was once filled with life and laughter.

But amidst the melancholy, there is also hope. Efforts are underway to revitalize Poindexter Village and breathe new life into its abandoned structures. Plans include preserving some of the historic buildings while introducing modern amenities that will attract new residents and businesses.

As you leave this forgotten corner behind, you can’t help but feel a glimmer of optimism for what lies ahead – a future where Poindexter Village can once again thrive and become a vibrant part of Columbus’ rich history.

#7. Ohio School for the Deaf

Ohio School for the Deaf
Image Credits: Columbusmakesart.com

Now that you’ve explored the eerie remnants of The Poindexter Village, it’s time to venture deeper into the forgotten history of Columbus. Brace yourself as we unveil the haunting beauty of The Ohio School for the Deaf.

As you approach this abandoned institution, a chill runs down your spine, but curiosity pulls you closer. With each step you take, the weight of its past whispers through the air.

Once a place filled with laughter and learning, The Ohio School for the Deaf now stands in silence. Its grand architecture stands as a testament to its former glory, but time has taken its toll on this once vibrant campus. Windows are shattered and overgrown vines creep up weathered walls, creating an atmosphere that is both captivating and unnerving.

As you explore further, a sense of melancholy fills your heart. You imagine the echoes of children’s laughter bouncing off these decaying walls and wonder what stories lie hidden within these forgotten hallways. It’s impossible not to feel a pang of sadness for the students who once called this place home – their voices silenced by time.

Despite its abandonment, The Ohio School for the Deaf serves as a reminder that every place holds memories worth preserving. As you leave this hallowed ground behind, take solace in knowing that even in decay there is beauty to be found – beauty that quietly beckons us to remember and honor what once was.

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#8. Buckeye Ammunition Plant

Image Credits: Milbases.com

Venture further into the forgotten history of Columbus and brace yourself for the eerie remnants of The Buckeye Ammunition Plant, where a sense of foreboding hangs in the air.

As you step foot onto this abandoned site, you can’t help but feel a chill run down your spine. The dilapidated buildings stand as silent witnesses to a time when this place was bustling with activity, producing ammunition for war.

As you explore the desolate grounds, it’s hard not to imagine the dangers that once lurked within these walls. Your mind wanders to the workers who risked their lives every day, handling explosives and volatile materials. You can almost hear the distant echoes of machinery and smell the acrid scent of gunpowder that must have filled these corridors.

Yet despite the haunting atmosphere, there is an undeniable intrigue that draws you further into this forgotten world. It’s as if time has stood still here, frozen in decay. Each crumbling brick and broken window tells a story of abandonment and neglect.

While curiosity may tempt you to delve deeper into this forsaken place, always remember to prioritize your safety above all else. Watch your step amidst the debris-strewn floors and be cautious of any hazardous materials that may still linger. As fascinating as these abandoned places may be, it’s essential to exercise caution and respect for their eerie pasts.

#9. The Lazarus Building

Lazarus Building
Image Credits: en.wikipedia.org

Bracing against the eerie atmosphere, you can’t help but feel a sense of intrigue as you step into the forsaken Lazarus Building, where echoes of its once-vibrant past still resonate. The decaying walls and broken windows tell tales of a bygone era, leaving you with an undeniable curiosity about what happened within these haunted halls.

As you explore each room cautiously, your heart races with anticipation, yet there’s a part of you that craves safety and security.

The abandoned Lazarus Building stands as a reminder of forgotten dreams and lost aspirations. Its towering presence invokes both awe and trepidation, drawing you deeper into its mysterious embrace. With each creaking floorboard beneath your feet, your senses heighten, making it impossible to ignore the feeling that someone or something might be watching. Yet amidst this haunting ambience, there’s an unconscious desire for safety that lingers in the back of your mind.

As you navigate through the remnants of what was once a bustling department store, glimpses of faded mannequins and shattered glass displays spark memories of happier times. You yearn for the security that once filled these walls – for the laughter and joy that used to reverberate through every corner. While the shadows may cast doubts on your surroundings, deep down inside, all you truly long for is to find solace in a world that has been left behind.

In this forgotten place, curiosity intertwines with an unspoken need for sanctuary. The Lazarus Building holds secrets untold but also offers refuge from the outside world’s chaos. It beckons those who dare to venture further with promises of intrigue while silently assuring them that deep down inside these dilapidated walls lie remnants of familiarity and comfort – if only they dare seek it out.

#10. The Union Station

Union Station
Image Credits: News.yahoo.com

As you step into the grandeur of Union Station, you’re enveloped in its timeless beauty and bustling energy.

The ornate architecture transports you back to a bygone era when train travel was at its peak. You can almost hear the echoes of footsteps and the sound of steam engines chugging along the tracks. It’s as if time has stood still within these walls, preserving the history and stories of countless travelers.

But amidst this enchanting atmosphere, there is an underlying reminder of abandonment. The once vibrant ticket counters are now empty, covered in dust and decay. The platforms that were once filled with eager passengers waiting for their trains are now desolate and forgotten. It’s a poignant sight that evokes a sense of melancholy.

Yet, despite its current state of neglect, there is a certain allure to Union Station. Its grandeur and architectural splendor continue to captivate visitors who dare to venture into its abandoned halls. As you explore the vast space, you can’t help but feel a subconscious desire for safety amidst the crumbling infrastructure.

In this forgotten place, where time seems suspended between past and present, there is a strange beauty that draws you in. Union Station stands as a testament to Columbus’ rich history and serves as a haunting reminder of what once was – a bustling hub of activity where dreams were born and farewells were bid.


So there you have it, 10 abandoned places in Columbus, Ohio.

From the eerie halls of The Ohio Penitentiary to the crumbling walls of The Westland Mall, these forgotten locations tell a story of the city’s past.

Exploring the decaying ruins of The Cooper Stadium and The Jeffrey Manufacturing Company can transport you back in time to when these places were bustling with activity.

But it’s not just about the history and nostalgia. These abandoned sites also offer a sense of mystery and adventure.

Venturing into the abandoned hallways of The Columbus State Hospital or The Ohio School for the Deaf can send shivers down your spine as you imagine what life was like for those who once inhabited these now desolate spaces.

While some may see these places as nothing more than ruins, others find beauty in their decay.

The Buckeye Ammunition Plant and The Lazarus Building are hauntingly beautiful reminders of a bygone era. And let’s not forget about Union Station, a once grand transportation hub that now stands empty but still holds echoes of its former glory.

So whether you’re an urban explorer seeking thrills or simply someone curious about the history that lies beneath Columbus’ surface, these abandoned places are waiting to be discovered.

Just remember to proceed with caution and respect for these forgotten landmarks, as they reveal tales from another time and remind us of our city’s rich heritage.

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